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Beginning Your Coursework Projects

Beginning Your Coursework Projects published on

This is the post for the weeks of October 4, 2016 and October 11, 2016.


From this point on in the course, you are working on the projects that you outlined in your Coursework Proposal. That means that you should follow the schedule that you set for yourself and begin your work.

During the next two weeks, you should also finish reading the chapters in Markel.

Readings for the Week of October 4 & 11

  • Chapter 10 of Markel, “Writing Job-Application Materials”
  • Chapter 12 of Markel, “Writing Informational Reports”
  • Chapter 13 of Markel, “Writing Recommendation Reports”
  • Chapter 14 of Markel, “Writing Definitions, Descriptions, and Instructions”

Work for the Week of October 4 & 11

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