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Writing Groups

Hand-drawn image of the Google Hangout iconEveryone in the course is on a different schedule at this point. Some of you are working toward the midterm. Some are working on the Genre Analysis Report. Some of you are working on open projects.

You all have set your own due dates and expectations for your work. Because you are all working at your own pace, it’s not possible to set up peer review activities for the projects. There’s no way to guess who will have a draft ready when.

From this point on then, you will work in online writing groups to share whatever you have and provide some accountability for one another.

Your messages in these online Discussions in Canvas can be logged as small group activities in your Participation Log. Strong support for your classmates here can improve your participation grade significantly. I will read the posts weekly and add notes as appropriate. I’ll use the "Like" button to indicate that I have read the information.

Weekly Discussion Group Activities

Because you need to engage with one another to get feedback, you need to post early in the week and come back a few times each week to reply and provide feedback for the others in your group.

To keep the Discussion organized, there will be a new Discussion in Canvas for each week. It will be set live at 12:01 AM on Tuesdays, and it will close on the following Tuesday at noon. Your group can adjust the schedule as necessary; however, I suggest the following schedule:

By 11:59 PM on You should

Check the previous week’s discussion to make sure all questions have been answered.

Post details in the current week’s discussion on where you are on your projects, even if you haven’t made much progress. See details below.

Include any questions, challenges you need help with, or drafts that you have at that point.


Read and reply to the messages that have been posted. See details below.

Add peer review comments on any drafts that have been posted.

Make any requests for additional information (e.g., if a reply leaves you with a question),


Check out everything that has been posted.

Add any additional replies or requests for more information.

Writing Group Wednesday Activities

Here are some things you might share with one by Wednesday in your weekly discussion:

  • Status/progress reports on what you are doing/have done since last Wednesday.
    (Check Markel Chapter 12 for help with status and progress reports. Your updates can be informal.)
  • Rough drafts of your projects.
  • Revisions of your projects.
  • Small chunks of your projects, if you want feedback on something very specific.
  • Success stories.
  • Challenges you encounter.
  • Questions that you have about your projects.

Writing Group Friday Activities

After sharing, you can reply by Friday with any of the following:

  • Provide supportive feedback and advice, like that shown in the No One Writes Alone video.
  • Work together to solve any challenges or answer any questions.
  • Collaborate on projects (be sure to credit your helpers if someone provides significant input).
  • Plan for future discussions.

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