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Checklist icon, signifying the class attendance rollCan you be absent? Not really. This is an online course, so there are no class meetings. Know, however, that participation is important to doing well in this course. If you disappear for a few weeks, you lower your grade in the course. There are regular, weekly activities that you need to complete.

I’m going out of town. What should I do? This is an online class. You can take it no matter where you are. Plan to take your computer with you and continue your work from wherever you are.

What if I have a really good reason for disappearing?

If you miss a deadline because of an illness, death in the family, or family emergency, see the Student Advocacy page from the Dean of Students Office for details on how to document the situation.

If you have an issue that affects your ability to complete the course, you may qualify for Academic Relief. For personal medical issues, contact the Schiffert Health Center, and for psychiatric or psychological issues, contact the Cook Counseling Center.

How do I show you documentation for an illness or other issue? If you have documentation, you can email it to me. Most people take a photo and send it to me. Do remember to obscure your personal ID number and any other personal information if you email a photo however.

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