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Looking Forward to the Final

Looking Forward to the Final published on

This is the post for the week of November 1, 2016.

Check Your Participation and Prep for the Final

The final exam report isn’t due until December, but you will find the project easier if you have been tracking your participation throughout the term. With that idea in mind, take time this week to check your progress.

Review the Final Exam: Completion Report Assignment and your Participation Log to make sure that you are on track. If you find that you are behind on Class Discussion and/or Small Group Discussion, take advantage of the many optional discussion opportunities in Canvas. Replying to classmates in these discussions is an easy way to improve your participation. The due date for all additional discussions is November 11. The grace period ends on November 18. These discussions are available:

By this point you should also have written one self-assessment of your performance. The instructions are on the last tab of the log spreadsheet. The idea is that you look back over the entries in your log and evaluate how you’re doing. You should focus on your strengths and how you can improve. Use the requirements for the final to help guide the information you look for in your log.

Continue Work on Your Projects

Continue work on your projects, following the schedule you set in your Coursework Proposal.

  • Post and reply in the 11/1 Group Discussion, following the instructions on the Writing Groups page. Share any drafts and questions that you have.
  • In order to get feedback from your writing group before Thanksgiving, be sure to post your drafts in the next week. That will give classmates a week to provide you feedback.
  • Follow the project submissions instructions, if you are ready to submitting one of your remaining major projects.
  • All your work is ultimately due by November 30, with a grace period that ends on December 7 (the last day of classes).
  • I encourage you to turn your work in earlier, so that you can revise if you need to.
  • Note that I do not grade projects during Thanksgiving Break.

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